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Radiant's Philosophy

Much of our school success is found in our school-wide philosophical belief in, and understanding of, Self-Determination Theory, which has three core values.

Building strong RELATIONSHIPS with students to really understand each other’s strengths and interests (finding understanding)

Ensuring that students feel a sense of COMPETENCE at school, to build their confidence and self-belief that they can be the incredible people who they know they really are (build confidence).

Ensuring a sense of AUTONOMY in the classroom, so that students feel connected to their learning, and have a voice in their education; which allows students the freedom to flourish and maximize their potential (maximize potential)

Find Understanding (relationships)

Staff build strong relationships with students so that we truly understand everyone’s needs. Only by understanding each student can we help them learn and flourish into the beautiful young individuals we know they are. Understanding each student needs time and commitment from staff as we build personalized learning plans (IPPs) for each student. It also requires the staff to be well trained in understanding the wide-ranging and particular needs of students with Learning Disabilities.

Build Confidence (competence)

Success comes when students are given suitable learning based on their needs. Each staff member uses multiple teaching strategies so that all students are engaged and have the greatest opportunities to prosper and feel good about their learning. Staff use assessment tools to determine particular student learning needs. Students come to us with different levels of deficits in knowledge and skills such as reading, writing, math and organization. We use strategies to grow these skills toward grade level. At the same time, we focus on a strengths-based approach to identify areas where students can prosper. 

Maximize Potential (autonomy)

All of our students are bright, competent individuals. In order to maximize student potential, we provide the full range of academic courses allowing our students to achieve success at the highest level. All students must be offered with a sense of autonomy so that they have a voice in their learning. Staff support students to develop the skills to favour for their needs so that learning is owned by the students. With additional supports and strategies delivered by staff, students are provided with structured autonomy which sets the path for maximizing the surprising potential in every student we serve.


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