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The Kinder Zone

At the kinder zone, teachers look to maximize each child’s academic potential and develop both a positive self-image and the child’s full range of motor skills.

Highlights of Kinderzone

  • A good pupil-teacher ratio guarantees that each child’s individual needs are met.
  • Each class has a full-time assistant apart from the classroom teacher.
  • Every classroom provides an environment full of sensory experiences.
  • Pre-primary students take practical classes in art, music, computers, library/media and physical education once a week.
  • More importance is given to Maths and reading in preparation for first grade in the Kinder zone.  

Classes & Labs

Schools worldwide are increasingly incorporating technology into the classroom day by day, and the use of technology is suitable for the students and the teacher.

School labs are a great place for students which help them improve their learning by understanding the theoretical concepts of science which are taught in classrooms.
Well-designed laboratories not only make science experiments enjoyable but also help students in achieving good academic results.

Smart Classes

Interactive instructional tools create more interest and inspiration among students, display attractive graphics, improve lectures with audio-visual devices, provide better instructional materials, and cater to all learning styles.

Language Lab

English Language Lab will be provided with headphones, CDs to hear the correct pronunciation and enhance their vocabulary from listening and watching.


An excellent modern library at Radiant Public School incorporates all the important newspapers, periodicals, and books representing the endeavors, achievements, and glory of writers, statesmen, scientists, philosophers, and saints.

Science Labs

Various Educational kits, puzzles of human organs, etc., enrich this unique Science Lab.

Sport Facilities

Sport and physical education are fundamental to the early development of children and youth. The skills learned during play, physical education and sport contribute to the integrated development of the young pupil.

Through participation in sports and physical education,
children learn about the significance of critical values such as:



Fair play

Adherence to rules

The school looks to expand and provide support to every individual to pursue
the sports of their choice. Also, the school conducts inter-school tournaments
in different games. The school has –

Basketball Court

Horse Riding

Cricket Fields

Football Fields


Tennis Court

Swimming Pools

Table Tennis


Carrom and Yoga

Cultural Activities

Developmental activities like music, dance, hobbies, yoga & pranayama, games, sports and numerous competitions form a part of RPS.
The hobby center provides fun activities like pottery, gardening, electronics, first aid, woodcraft, robotics, etc. Children collectively learn and grow their interests. The cultural activities improve the confidence level of the students, thereby allowing them to perform better. These activities develop the students’ personalities and aid them in shaping a promising career. Students can also make full use of the advantage of participating in various activities.


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